Tom Tugendhat targeted by ‘sophisticated hacker’ a week after branding China a ‘tyranny’

Vocal anti-China MP Tom Tugendhat says a ‘pretty sophisticated hacker’ is trying to impersonate him

  • Chair of Foreign Affairs Select Committee says he’s being targeted by a hacker 
  • Tom Tugendhat warned followers to be cautious of emails that claim to be him
  • The Kent MP faced backlash from China last week after accusing it of ‘tyranny’ 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A senior MP who has criticised the Chinese government’s handling of the coronavirus has warned a ‘pretty sophisticated hacker,’ is trying to target him. 

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, sparked a furious response from the Chinese government last week when he accused it of ‘tyranny’ and ‘falsifying’ its coronavirus death toll statistics. 

In a tweet sent earlier today, the Tonbridge and Malling MP told followers: ‘If you receive an email claiming to be from me – please check and do NOT open attachments unless you’re sure. A pretty sophisticated hacker is seeking to impersonate me and hack others. Any ideas who it could be?’

Tom Tugendhat, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, warned Twitter followers a 'pretty sophisticated hacker' was seeking to impersonate him

Tom Tugendhat, chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, warned Twitter followers a ‘pretty sophisticated hacker’ was seeking to impersonate him

A number of Tory MPs, including Mr Tugendhat, have demanded an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak in China. 

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme earlier this this week, the British Army veteran said: ‘All countries have struggled with data, all countries have struggled with knowing how to respond because this is a new outbreak. 

‘But the one thing that really marks out the Chinese communist party is not that they didn’t have sufficient data but that they deliberately falsified the data.

‘This is very different from other countries.’ 

Mr Tugendhat said his criticism is ‘nothing to do with China as a country, it is all to do with tyranny’. 

‘All communist dictatorships share a similar pattern as we saw in the Soviet Union where they put the survival of the regime over the interests of the people,’ he said. 

The comment sparked a furious response from Chen Wen, minister and first staff member of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, who hit back and said such accusations are ‘dangerous’ and driven by ‘deep-seated bias’ against China

Mr Tugendhat has previously criticised Chinese company Huawei’s potential involvement in building Britain’s 5G network, commenting: ‘We should be beware of strangers and the gifts they bear.’


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