KP govt appeals to people to cooperate with medical staff

PESHAWAR: The KP government has appealed the people to stay home and help the medical staff with eradicating coronavirus.

An official handout said on Thursday in the current situation, medical staff are risking their lives to save the lives of the people and are serving on the front line against the viral disease. Prof Dr. Muhammad Javed sacrificed his life to save the lives of coronavirus patients. Similarly, the communication said, other medical staff have also fallen victim to coronavirus while fulfilling their professional responsibilities. The medical staff is engaged in treating the patients of corona patients 24/7 and examining and treating the patients according to a systematic procedure.

The provincial government appealed to the people to get examined and treated as per the prescribed procedure and avoid unnecessary confrontation with doctors at the hospitals. The handout said the doctors and other medical staff are on a great mission at the moment and that mission is to save the lives of the people, so the people should also support them.

It said if a patient tests positive for coronavirus, he should not play with the lives of others and as a responsible citizen should not leave home following the advice of medical experts. The media, persons, and civil society should play their part in raising public awareness about the virus and follow the established guidelines.


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